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        Here’s that time of the year when it’s finally bit quieter and I get to reflect of the year past. Scroll down for my elopement and wedding photography 2019 best of. Or read further about what I learned this year! Alternative Wedding and Elopement Photographer Scotland – Ceranna Photography. 

        This year I’ve got so many wonderful couples to celebrate their wedding day with. From the small weddings of just the couple, me and the celebrant, or sometimes just me and the couple to weddings of 150+ people. I loved it all. I got to shoot in Edinburgh and Glasgow and all across Scotland. From the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park to Glencoe. And all the way across the Highlands to the magical Isle of Skye in the Hebrides. I travelled to some amazing places, including Iceland, Spain, Andorra, France. Spent some time in London and Cambridge and drove across the UK, France and Belgium all the way to Czech Republic. For 2020 I’ve got some exciting travels planned already including Tuscany, Italy, Wales, Morocco, Austrian Alps,…. Can’t wait to hit the road again.

        Scotland Wedding Photographer - Ceranna Photography

        Featured in the Press

        My work was published on so many amazing blogs in 2019 including Love My Dress, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Wandering Weddings, Brides Up North target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” and just as I am writing this on Beloved Stories as well. I also became a member of Junebug Weddings which is an incredible honour to be listed among some of the best wedding photographers in the world.

        Wedding Photography in 2020

        This year I realised that the most important thing about a wedding or elopement is having it your way. There is no point in adhering to traditions which don’t reflect who you are. But it can be the same traditions which make so much sense for another couple. It’s all so individual. But generally there are two kinds of people – ones who genuinely enjoy throwing a big wedding and ones who don’t and prefer their non-traditional way. I am so excited about capturing both of these scenarios as by following your heart it always makes an incredible day full of  happiness. And happiness is what I love capturing the most. Wedding is a big transitioning ritual and we’re not used to do rituals anymore, so let’s approach it with fresh point of view and do it in a way which represents you two!

        Wedding or Elopement – Doing It Your Way!

        I think being a photographer makes me view weddings from completely different point of view. It’s not usual for someone to see so many weddings a year, right? As photographers, we can really perceive the little nuances which people planning it for the first (and probably only) time in their life cannot see.  I understand that it’s such a sensitive theme for family talks. But it’s important to realise that this day is about you two and what makes you happy. And that way it should be and that way it should be explained to anyone who is of a different opinion. They love you and will understand!

        So to all my future (2020, 2021 and beyond) couples: Do it your way! Have Indian buffet for wedding dinner, have your own vows instead the clean classic... Have colourful wedding dress, wear boots and leggings underneath if it’s cold… Invite everyone or just celebrate your love between you two. It is a transition into something new and exciting, with the person you feel safe and happy with, so make this day a celebration of that.

        My Year In Review

        There’s been a bit of a stir in my personal life as feelings hidden for a long time finally surfaced and I got to embrace many amazing adventures with Jan as well as spend long weeks apart (being torn between two countries).

        A big part of my year played the time I spent completely offline on a long distance walking trail in the wilderness of Pyrenean Mountains. It took us a bit over a month to cross the whole range as we took the more demanding way of Haute Route Pyrenees. I am planning to write more about it soon!

        The end of the year was unexpectedly hard. Having travelled to my family in Czechia with my campervan and planning to continue to South Europe for a bit of winter sunshine… The plans suddenly changed by my nan becoming terminally ill and bed bound. I stayed with my family to spend the Christmas and to help my mum to care for nan. It was incredibly hard, but am so happy I could spend this precious last month with her.

        What a year it was… I am beyond grateful for all the sweet and sour. It all helped me to grow personally and learn more about empathy, love and feelings. Which is invaluable for doing what I do as a photographer and witness of such important and intimate moments in people’s lives.

        Thank you for wonderful year full of growth, happiness and feels!

        Thanks so much all the amazing couples who trusted me to capture their memories together.
        Thanks to amazing creatives and suppliers I’ve got to meet this year for all their wonderful work!
        And thanks so much to Jen for all his support, love and freedom to enjoy life full of adventures together. <3

        And finally, here’s my 2019 favourite wedding, elopement & couple gallery:

        Thanks for reading all the way here. <3

        Here’s one of my fav 2019 songs: Amen Dunes – Believe.

        My favourite blog posts of 2019:
        Linda & Marcel’s Glencoe Elopement
        Elopement Adventure in Isle of Skye
        Kelsey & Iain’s Elsick House Wedding

        Alternative Wedding Photography Scotland

        Ceranna Photography is Anna Cervinkova, adventurous elopement and wedding photographer based in Edinburgh,  Scotland. With relaxed, friendly approach and passion for capturing love and adventures. With more than  years of experience. Anna is available for destination weddings and elopements in the United Kingdom and Europe wide.

        Get in touch to enquire about availability for 2020 & 2021.

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