Adventurous Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer

        This is a story about two of my best friends and the gorgeous landscapes of Isle of Skye… I’ve known Linda and Marcel for years. With Linda being glass designer and Marcel musician, they might well be the most creative people I know. Since they’re based in London they visited me in Scotland several times already. It was a bit different this time though. With a full blown wedding planned for the summer, they figured out they’d like to share their wedding vows in more intimate setting. So they decided to come back to Scotland to celebrate their love and share their wedding vows while surrounded by the most scenic landscapes one could wish for. I’d say we had some amazing weather that weekend but adventurous Isle of Skye elopement is the right thing to do in any kind of weather.

        Eloping to Scotland

        As Marcel has never been to the Highlands, Linda booked a cottage in the Isle of Skye for the weekend. To his surprise it happened to be right next to Talisker bay and Distillery of the same name – the birth place of his all time favourite whisky. He thought how thoughtful it was of Linda… Little did he know it was simply the last reasonably priced accommodation option. Btw. if you’re planning your Isle of Skye elopement, make sure to book your accommodation as early as possible as the options are limited there. It’s an island, aye? We used Airbnb and the cottage was just perfect.

        Road tripping in the Isle of Skye looking for a best place to elope

        We spent the weekend road tripping, shooting, eating, listening to songs while Marcel played guitar and cooked delicious meals in our tiny cottage. I took them to all of my favourite places – starting at the Old Bridge in Sligachan – just underneath the Cuillin Mountains. Then moving to the north east coast to the gorgeously green, windy and dramatic Quiraing. And walking on the pebbled shores of Elgol Beach. We even hopped on a boat to take us to Loch Coruisk. Where we watched the colony of seals and compared the views with Talisker whisky label. We climbed hills and sunbathed – it’s April in Scotland guys, you never know! One evening we made a fire on Talisker Bay beach and listened to Marcel play love songs he composed for Linda & sang along all those songs which make us millennials nostalgic.

        Isle of Skye Elopement Suppliers

        Linda & Marcell invited along the creative guys from DIB Production to capture it all on video. They’re the kind of guys you’re immediately friends with. The video is just gorgeous. Linda has chosen a floaty blush pink dress from Prague based designer Kateřina Plamitzerová . The floral crown and bouquet gorgeously made by Edinburgh florist Snapdragon. Since we were taking photos over 3 days they were made to last and survived even the long drives.
        To finish it off they also had me – Ceranna Photography, haha. I was the main Scottish elopement planner, guide and also a rental car driver. Win win for me as I love hiking, driving and showing people around (I blame the genes as my mum used to be a tour guide before she had kids).

        Emotional Scottish Elopement Videography

        Video by the guys from DIB Production – btw. don’t try to Shazam the music – Marcel composed this song for Linda. Watch it here.

        Photography: Ceranna Photography – Adventurous Scottish Mountain Elopement Photographer | Florist: Snapdragon Edinburgh  | Video: DIB Production | Wedding Dress: Kateřina Plamitzerová | Groom’s Outfit: Topshop & Dr Martens




        Loch Coruisk Boat Ride – Scotland Elopement Photography


        Bonus: An Unusual Story Time

        If you’re super careful you might notice that Linda has a slight patch across her eyebrow in some photos. You might ask, how did this happen? Are the photoshoot this dangerous? Oh well.. let me explain… It was first day of the trip. We were just having some home made sandwiches for lunch while waiting for the golden hour. We were sitting at some rocks at the beach. The guys were drinking whisky – because that’s what you do when in Scotland and don’t have to drive. Then the most iconic moment happened as Linda was trying to jump off the rock. Marcel tried to help her…

        Yep… you see it coming…

        As she jumped and pulled his hand down, his other hand swung and yep, he was holding a bottle of whisky. Yep, it hit Linda right in her eyebrow. The bottle fortunately didn’t shatter but yep, there was blood. So instead of going to chase the sunshine, we were on our way to Portree Hospital. Not sure who was in the worse state – Linda with slightly torn eyebrow 4 weeks before their official wedding in Prague or Marcel a doctor who just injured his fiancée. Fortunately they both managed it well and the staff in the hospital was amazing. We even managed to get back to shoot just before the sun set. So if the photos look emotional, they truly are…

        Adventure Elopement Photography in Scotland

        Anna is Scotland based Adventure Elopement Photographer with passion for hiking adventures. With background in fashion and design and love for natural light, her aesthetics are clean and elegant while capturing all the emotions of the day. Her approach to photography is unobtrusive, focusing on the experience of the couple. Available for booking for elopement photography and intimate wedding photography in Scotland and internationally. Get in touch for more info about Elopement Photography Packages in the Isle of Skye and all over Scotland. Have van, will travel!


        Where to elope in the Isle of Skye?

        Anywhere you go in the Isle of Skye is just magical but my favourite locations are Quiraing, The Old Man of Storr, Loch Coruisk and Elgol beach.

        How long does it take to get to the Old Man of Storr?

        To get to the best viewpoint of the Old Man of Storr is a ~40 minutes hike uphill from the car park. The path is eroded at places and sturdy footwear is recommended. The first half of the way has a wheelchair access.

        When is the best season to elope to Isle of Skye?

        Any season in Scotland is just beautiful but spring and autumn in particular are less busy and really beautiful. There is a lot of tourists during summer months and midges. In winter there could be difficulties during a snowfall and daylight is quite limited (only 7 hours of daylight) but other than that it is cold but magical time to visit as well.

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