Some of the frequently asked questions. If there is still something you’d like to ask, get in touch!

Where are you based?

I am currently based between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland.

Will you travel and what are your travel costs?

I will travel far and wide for you! My travel costs are free of charge within Edinburgh  and Glasgow and at actual travel cost everywhere else at £0.35/mile, I do not charge extra for travel time. For early start/late night photography, I might require an overnight accommodation.

What’s your gear & do you have a backup?

I’m dedicated Canon-person. I currently shoot with two full frame cameras Canon 6D and Canon 5D MkII with 24-70mm zoom, 50mm and 85mm prime lenses, external flash and number of baterries and SD & CF cards. I always have 2 cameras on hand just in case one breaks! I also love to use Polaroid (Instax Wide) and can bring it along for your guests to use!

Can we chat in person or online?

Of course! If it’s possible I’d love to meet you in person to learn about your personality and style, it’s essential that we’re not strangers on your day! At the meeting I’d like to discuss your ideas, maybe see some of your inspiration and can also give you some advice with all photography related – such as best times for couple photoshoot, lighting of the venue, etc.

What is the booking process? Do you have a contract & deposit?

After the initial meeting, a wedding photography contract can be signed in person or online. To confirm booking I charge a deposit of 25%-50% price. Payment can be done via cash, bank transfer or PayPal. Couple weeks before the wedding, I will need you to answer a couple questions in a pre-wedding questionnaire to get all the details about your day, such as specific locations, timings and any other things I should know.

What can I do to prepare for wedding photoshoot?

I love Pinterest boards and visual inspirations, so I always recommend that you gather some inspiration for your photoshoot before our initial meeting to show me what your style is and what you like.
If you’d like we can also arrange pre-wedding or engagement couple photo session so you can get comfortable in front of the camera!

Do you have a second shooter?

I usually work on my own but I can bring along the second shooter if requested and I highly recommend this option for large weddings.

Are you insured? 

Yes, I am fully insured.


Is there anything you need on the wedding day?

I should have all the information ready in your pre-wedding questionnaire, if anything changes please let me know, also make me aware of any surprises or traditions or any sensitive issues in the family.

As I’m usually working without an assistant or second photographer I would usually request to have somebody on hand, who knows both families, for group photographs with a list of desired group shots, to help it run smoothly.

For the couple portraits, it’s ideal to reserve about 30-45 minutes. If possible during later hours in the afternoon or just before sunset. But given how unpredictable Scottish weather is, anytime of the day is good but some flexibility is welcome in case the weather is too bad during dedicated time.

During the reception, I would appreciate having a place somewhere where I can sit down and grab a bite during a quieter period (usually when main course is served).

Shall we provide food for you?

On full-day events (8+ hours), I reserve a short break for lunch during a quieter period, vegetarian option of the meal would be very welcome.

When can we expect first photographs?

As a little treat, you can expect first few photographs right next day after your wedding. I usually do a small selection of my favourite shots so you can share the happy news!

Do you do any post-production and what’s the process for delivery? 

Oh yes! During the day I usually take 1500+ shots. I carefully go through all of them and to select and edit for the final selection. As I am all about quality and want to provide just the best experience for my clients I don’t provide unedited photos. After you approve the selection online and payment is made to my account in full, photos are being delivered on USB via Royal Mail or in an online gallery. The process usually takes no longer than 6 weeks. From the final selection, you can choose the photos to use in your album which I design and send you for approval before it goes to print.


Will the photos have any watermarks?

No, all final photos are watermark free and ready to print and frame. I use watermarks only for selection preview. But as the final photos are watermark free, there is no easy way for people who might like them to learn who took them, so I’d request if you could credit me when you use them on social media by linking to my website.

Do you do prints and wedding albums?

Yes, I offer personalized fine art wedding albums and prints either as part of the collection or add-on.  Get in touch for more details.

Will the photos be published?

If not agreed otherwise, by working with me you kindly agree with sharing the photos in my portfolio, blog, social media and associated websites (wedding blogs, directories, etc.) as a presentation of my work. You also agree to retain my copyright when possible (by linking to my portfolio and/or social media) and not use or supply photographs for any commercial purpose. You’re granted full printing rights with the photographs for your personal use.

 What’s your qualification and experience?

My first wedding was back in 2012 and I’ve been shooting them ever since as well as portraiture, fashion, and editorial photography. Not that I would think that official qualification is needed in our field, with so many resources and so many great talented self-taught photographers out there, but I received BA(Hons) in Photography from Edinburgh University and a Professional Diploma in Photography (DiS.) from Prague Graphic School. Still, I believe that I learned most by simply doing what I love and working with so many creative and inspiring people!