I’m lover of the nature, happiest in the woods and outdoors and I am well aware that the places we love, as well as anywhere on Earth is threatened in an unprecedented way and the actions we take as individuals and as the society have direct impact on the places around us and how we’ll leave them for the future. 

        Although I often end up swept by the hopelessness of the whole situation and I am well aware that my lifestyle is not as sustainable as it could be, I try to do my best – trying to rethink my lifestyle and needs as well as supporting the projects and charities which work towards rewilding. There is still a long way to go as I know that I could personally do better in many areas – it would mean travel less for work and living more locally while putting all my effort into systemic changes. My dream is to buy a piece of land I can rewild myself and live simply on it and find a courage for bolder actions and getting politically involved.

        Here are the projects which I support regularly:

        Trees for life – Rewilding the Scottish Highlands

        In support of this charity, which is doing amazing work in the Glen Affric area, I’ve set up a tree grove for my business where I’ll be planting a tree for every couple which chooses me to capture their story. You can also chip in and donate additional tree for the grove and I’ll be happy to provide you with a specific grid ref so you can visit the actual grove once it’s planted!

        There are no plaques and it will be in wild open landscape – just as I like it – just a soon-to-be gorgeous natural forest of native trees for your enjoyment and for the enjoyment of the generations to come.

        You can add a tree & donate here:

        John Muir Trust

        Membership, to support them for the work they do in the Scottish Highlands. Caring for some of the most beautiful places – including Ben Nevis, Assynt and Sandwood Bay.

        Společně proti suchu (CZ)

        I’m volunteering as mapping volunteer whenever I am back in Czechia. Based in the Czech Republic, this project is working towards changes in the agricultural landscape – coming up with solutions for better water retention and flood prevention, which is essential for the years of extreme weather which are upon us already.

        Sustainable Wedding Photographer - Scots Pine Forest

        What else do I do to be more eco-friendly as a business?

        Sustainable Web Hosting

        Did you know that internet infrastructure consumes between 3.6 and 6.2 percent of all electricity worldwide? Each simple email has to go through a network of servers as well as every website page view. This website itself runs on a eco-hosting servers with 300% energy offset scheme and I am planning a website redesign in 2021 with the speed and energy efficiency in mind to make the website speedier to run and consume less energy per page view.

        Albums, Prints & Packaging

        ceranna print boxes

        My albums, prints and USB boxes are made with sustainability in mind. My photography boxes are made of wood and foraged moss and lichen used as a filling material. Please note: Lichen is important part of ecosystems, I’d never collect it off a living tree. There is plenty of it laying about on the forest floor and I only collect it in small amounts.

        The boxes are being sent in a silver bubble envelope, it is unfortunately not a plastic-free option but haven’t figured out a better alternative which would keep the boxes safe and dry and I always encourage my clients to reuse it.

        The Fine Art Prints and Albums are produced by Folio Albums, they have their own sustainability commitment in place here.

        Personal decisions

        I do live pretty minimalistic life – having as little possessions as possible and investing into quality items which would last. I became vegetarian at 13 years old and while I by no means judge people based on their diet, but I do believe that consuming less or no meat is an easy step that each individual can take to help planet a tiny bit and shift the demand towards plant-base diet. You can look up a bit more info on animal cruelty and how damaging is meat/dairy industry to the planet in just couple clicks.

        I try to limit the amount of air travel I do and honestly feel pretty bad about it anyway as I definitely travel a bit more because of my job. I try to offset my carbon impact in dedicated charities.

        My favourite books on the subject: 

        • George Monbiot – Feral | Masterfully sums up all the troubles we’re in in terms of the deterioration of biodiversity in the UK, but it will leave you feel optimistic for the future.
        • Isabelle Tree – Wilding
        • Dave Goulston – The Garden Jungle

        Leave No Trace for outdoor elopements

        As I shoot more and more elopements in the great outdoors I am really passionate about leaving as little impact on the nature as possible during our visit and to support local rangers and charities taking care of these beautiful places.

        • Leave every place as you found it or even more beautiful.
        • Take away all the rubbish (even biodegradable or whatever some previous visitors left behind). This includes coal from barbecue, exotic fruit peels or toilet paper/tissues especially those moist ones. What I also consider as rubbish are biodegradable confetti – they simply do not belong there and it will take time for them to actually decompose. While they’re definitely better alternative than anything containing plastic, please try to go without or use natural confetti – such as leaves of the local plants or even snow!
        • Stick to paths whenever possible to prevent unnecessary erosion and damage to the local flora.
        • If you need to do your business, go well away from the paths and water sources and bury it with a camping trowel.

        What can you do for more eco-conscious wedding?

        ECO is the new COOL. So here are some simple steps you can take to make your day more eco friendly.

        Fern Wedding Decor - Sustainable Wedding
        1. Replace or reduce single use plastic – this is an obvious one, weddings can produce a huge amount of plastic waste – from decorations to catering, ditch the plastic whenever humanly possible
        2. Borrow rather then buy – outsource chairs and reuse decor – mis-matched chairs are great too!
        3. Be creative – one of my couples used old lace curtains instead of single use tablecloths 
        4. Support local & ditch fast fashion – let bridesmaids wear something they will wear again instead of single use piece. Mismatched bridesmaids are still bridesmaids.
        5. Ask guests for charity donations rather than material things.
        6. The so-called biodegradable confetti are a mess – go for something 100% natural – I loved the idea of birdseed (in urban areas), leaves or even snow!
        7. Choose suppliers and venue with sustainability commitment.
        8. Support local charities in the place you’re getting married at.