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        If you feel like the big white wedding isn’t really your style, intimate wedding or elopement is a way to celebrate your love in a way which reflects you two and your love for each other, outdoors and adventures. From glorious mountains to deep forests and vibrant historical cities. Here’s my list of my favourite locations where to elope across Europe + one tip outside Europe as well.

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        Hi, I’m Anna!

        Your Adventurous Elopement Photographer in Europe

        I travel across Europe in my converted van, capturing elopements and weddings and hiking, cycling and climbing in the meantime.

        Most often you can find me in Scotland, Italy or Czech Republic.

        I’m all about supporting you in making your day unforgettable experience and I’ll help you with the planning and capture it all!

        Get in touch my calendar is open for 2023 bookings with photography packages starting from €2500.

        1. The Alps (Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria)

        I remember first time seeing The Alps towering in front of me, I didn’t think they’re real.

        Eloping to the Alps may be the ultimate romantic adventure for couples looking to get married in a stunning and unique location. The Alps spread across France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Slovenia and are known for their breathtaking scenery, with towering snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows, and crystal clear lakes. Whether you want to exchange vows at the top of a mountain, in a cozy chalet, or by a cascading waterfall, the Alps offer endless options for the perfect elopement and one could easily spend a lifetime exploring them.

        Some of my favourite places to go to are Lago di Braies in Dolomites, Julian Alps in Slovenia and Zermatt in Switzerland and of course Lago di Garda in Italy.

        As for the legalities of tying the knot, it really depends on the country you’ll choose, but if you find legalities too complicated you can always sign the paperwork at home and go for a symbolic wedding ceremony, which will give you more freedom to make it suit your perfectly.

        2. Isle of Skye (Scotland)

        They say it’s the best of Scotland condensed into one island and it might well be. You’ll have scenic hills and gorgeous calm lakes, waterfalls and truly Scottish unpredictable weather which is here to embrace. So be it torrential rains and gale force winds, you’re free to elope anywhere as Scotland has very open rights to access. You can either have civil marriage, religious or have an independent celebrant such as Humanist Society of Scotland, who are able to legally marry you anywhere. Minimum 30 days notice is needed to submit your paperwork before your wedding day and Marriage Visitor Visa might be needed. More info to be found at the official government website here.

        Getting there: It’s pretty remote – 5 hour drive from Edinburgh or Glasgow or 2.30 from Inverness.
        Best time to elope on the Isle of Skye is either spring (April/May) or autumn (October), as it’s very popular during summer months.

        Check out the galleries from Isle of Skye: Linda & Marcel

        3. Tuscany (Italy)

        I’ve done a roadtrip to Tuscany in winter 2019 and I was mesmerised. The temperatures were really nice (comparing to The Czech Republic or Scotland) and there is something about Italy being just so chilled. With morning espresso in front of the cathedral, midday pizza under olive trees and evening in natural hot springs, the ever-present scent of cypress trees will always bring me some strange kind of nostalgia.

        Venues to check out in Tuscany: Lazy Olive Villa

        4. Pyrenees (France, Spain)

        I’ve hiked across Pyrenees in 2019 and the magic of these mountains captured me. From the rolling green hills of Basque Country to the high 3.000m peaks with glaciers near Pico de Aneto or Yosemite-like walls of Cirque de Gavarnie, there is such a variety of landscapes and if you’re looking for truly remote and wild place ofr your hiking elopement this might be it.

        5. Glencoe (Scotland)

        Glencoe is the reason I fell in love with Scotland. The valley opens up suddenly in front of you and is full of history and atmosphere. You can get married anywhere you choose and include traditions such as Scottish hand-fasting in your ceremony or create your traditions to make it entirely your own.

        Some of the recent stories I shot in Glencoe: Buchaille Etive Mor Waterfall Elopement, Glen Etive Elopement, Glencoe Elopement

        6. Iceland

        Somehow Iceland is synonymous with romantic elopements so can’t be missing from the list. I wrote more about my experience of Iceland in winter here.

        7. Julian Alps (Slovenia)

        If you’re into hiking, then Slovenia has something for you. Slovenian Alps are perfect for multi day hikes and if you’re into climbing you can easily include some Via Ferrara hikes into your wedding day for an extra bit of adrenalin.

        8. Ait Ben Haddou or Sahara Desert (Morocco)

        Not exactly Europe, but within very easy reach. Morocco is perfect for winter months and is totally different from anything you’re going to experience in Europe. Beautiful Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and historical towns and cities, there is so much to explore while in winter the temperatures are really nice – around 20°C during the day. Elope to desert in Morocco, explore streets and souks of Marrakech Medina or escape to the snow covered Atlas Mountains – Morocco has it all.


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