All the way from Vancouver, Canada, Ayla and Martin have chosen to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family at a stunning Tuscan villa nestled among rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards.

        Villa Delia

        Just a stone’s throw from Pisa, with the Apennine mountains as a breathtaking backdrop and Tuscan rolling hills all around, Villa Delia is a tranquil place dedicated to culinary delights. Owned by the renowned Italian chef, Umberto Menghi, and lovingly named after his mother, this charming old farmhouse has been meticulously restored and transformed into a country inn and cooking school.

        The wedding day commenced with a leisurely lunch, where friends and family gathered for a delightful meal in front of the house. But hold onto your seats; this story isn’t just about Ayla and Martin—it’s also about the exquisite cuisine that graced this special day.

        Next, the bride and groom prepared, while guests explored the beauty of the villa and its picturesque surroundings. Shortly before the ceremony, Ayla and Martin chose to exchange their vows privately during their first look, in a room offering a breathtaking view of the mountains.

        Italian Wedding Ceremony

        In Italy, couples can opt for either a civil or religious ceremony. For Ayla and Martin, it was a civil ceremony this time, officiated by the local Mayor. If you’ve never attended an Italian civil ceremony before, it may surprise you. Unlike the typical wedding ceremonies that often revolve around declarations of love, Italian ceremonies are more to the point, with a focus on legal aspects. The ceremony must also be conducted in Italian to be legally binding, and Umberto graciously served as the translator.

        It was a fun and sweet ceremony and they both said “Si!” and instead of confetti there was of course rice.

        After the ceremony we set off to the nearby Lari for photos around the historical town. Being cheered on by the onlookers was a really fun experience as well.

        The food

        The remainder of the day was, undoubtedly, a gastronomic event! We spent the afternoon in the back of the house, enjoying the sun coming down slowly, drinking aperols and amazing wine, getting ready for the dinner.

        The dinner began with a tantalizing array of appetizers: sweet melon, savory prosciutto, bruschetta with tomatoes, and delectable mushroom creations. Following this, a traditional Italian soup graced the tables. A delicate chicken broth infused with lemon and Parmigiano cheese provided a comforting start to the meal.

        Soon after, the main course was served, featuring succulent roasted vegetables, golden potatoes, tender chicken, and a selection of other delectable meats. And, of course, no Italian feast is complete without a glass of dessert wine and a wonderfully light wedding cake to round off this culinary journey.

        Venue: Villa Delia, Italy | Makeup & Hair: Veronika V


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