Here’s a little blog post I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time. Choosing outfits for your engagement session is something you might be wondering about and here’s couple advice I’ve gathered and found to work! Here’s the ultimate answer to “what to wear for engagement photoshoot”…


        What to wear for engagement photoshoot?

        The quick answer is whatever you feel good in! Feel free to get creative and express your personality. But don’t forget this shoot is about you two and your emotions and it doesn’t have to be a fashion statement. :)) Feel free to ignore any or all of the following advice as what matters the most is how you feel. So stay comfy, stay warm and have a great time!

        Edinburgh Couple Photoshoot in Holyrood Park by Ceranna Photography | Edinburgh Wedding and Elopement Photographer | Scottish nature

        1. Neutrals are your friend

        First of all, when planning your outfits reflect on the location the photoshoot will take place at. Generally neutral and muted colours work with everything. The busier the location the more you can get away with I would say. But if it’s more natural vibe try to work with natural, muted colours.

        2. Textures over patterns

        Get creative and experiment with different textures and shapes – cozy jumpers, floaty dresses. Something you would not wear usually might work well in the photos. Like a bright red dress in a scenic landscape or against grey backdrop of buildings.

        beach black and white couple 1001445

        3. Outfit changes


        From my experience it’s always good to have couple options to change it up a bit. Be it a spare item or two separate outfits – maybe elegant dress and more casual one?

        Outfit changes are great to freshen the photos up a bit and to find what works for you. Things tend to look differently in the photos then in real life so it’s good to have couple backups to try out. If you’re arriving to the location in car feel free to take even more options and you can always go through them with your photographer at the beginning of the session. If you don’t drive and don’t want to carry extra stuff feel free to lay out your outfits on a bed and send it to the photographer who’ll be able to help. Always take a spare small item – be it a t-shirt, jumper or a scarf. Or opt for layering the clothes, so you can change up an outfit without much effort.


        Edinburgh Couple Photography Alternative Engagement Photographer

        4. A Pop of Colour

        Neutrals are great but in places like Edinburgh or Scotland in general sometime the right pop of colour can really brighten up the whole shoot. Basic colours like red or yellow work the best for this. Engagement outfit for guys? A shirt is a classic (if you’re not shirt guy, don’t feel obliged or get creative with dark coloured shirts). It’s also good to have casual jumper or tee to change it up a bit too.


        Glencoe Elopement Photography

        5. Comfortable Footwear

        Check with your photographer how much walking between the locations will be involved. Get some stylish but comfy footwear to walk in but feel free to pack heels as well to change into for couple shots.

        6. What to avoid?

        Bright colours like orange, bright blue or bright green – if it’s not a staple of your style in which case definitely go for it.  :)) Colours like this can be tricky as they’re usually found in nature and sometimes can be pain to get their colour balance absolutely right. Generally it’s best to avoid large prints (or prints at all). Logos of all kind – this shoot should be about you & not the brand of your t-shirt. :)) But of course feel free to rebel against this, whatever expresses your style is great!

        Engagement Ring Detail | Couple Photoshoot | Suprise Wedding Proposal at Calton Hill | Edinburgh Engagement Photography by Ceranna | Scottish Fine Art Wedding Photographer

        7. Don’t forget about the little details

        Manicure is a good thing to have on mind as 99% there will be a close up of the engagement ring of some sort. Keep it clean and natural or experiment with fun nail polishes. Or if you’ve just had a stressful time and your nails are a mess, don’t worry about it. The shoot is about you two and this time of your life and authenticity is something I absolutely love.

        8. Pro Tip! Keep your luggage to minimum

        Try to take just a small handbag or a single bag with spare clothes – your photographer can easily stuff this into his/her backpack and you can walk around freely. Some of my favourite shots are just walking around between locations without having idea of being photographed. Let’s save yourself worry of carrying heavy bags with you or finding a place where to leave them at each location.

        Still wondering what to wear for engagement photoshoot or have more advice? Share in the comments!

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