Shieldaig Lodge Elopement

        Aaron & Eleanor travelled all the way to the remote part of Scottish Highlands from the South of England to elope intimately at the gorgeous setting of Shieldaig Lodge in Wester Ross. They managed to elope on Halloween night just before the 2nd lockdown came in force a week later with further restrictions on travel. Here’s the story of their Shieldaig Lodge Elopement…


        What if it rains on your wedding day? And what about a storm?

        Their day was wild and windy and quite different from what they imagined it to be like. Because if you expect strolling on a beach in a beautiful autumnal sunset light, be prepared Scotland might have a proper storm waiting for you instead. This time it was storm Aiden and as I drove up north in the morning I just watched the clouds get heavier and heavier, wind stronger and by the ceremony time it started to rain. But Aaron & Eleanor just let that all be and focused on what matters the most – being there, in the moment and withstanding the rain and 60mph winds hand in hand, together.


        Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Shieldaig Lodge

        It was magical day and wonderful celebration of their love and respect for each other, which really shined through all the dark skies and rain. I am so grateful and honoured I could be there to capture it. From Eleanor getting ready, doing her own makeup and hair and nervously waiting for the right time to go down to the Drawing Room to meet Aaron. She was ready early and just couldn’t wait any longer and you could see in Aaron’s eyes that he felt the same.

        Standing next to each other and overlooking the sea loch from the inside of cozy Shieldaig Lodge (ditched were the plans to elope outdoors for the constant rain), they eloped in a short and sweet civil ceremony witnessed by the bride’s parents.

        Exploring Wester Ross

        Soon after having a couple of drinks as a new husband and wife – outdoors due to the Covid alcohol restrictions. We set out to explore some locations just a short drive away. As we drove you could feel the winds shaking the car. It took just a moment for Eleanor & Aaron to get drenched by the rain, but they just laughed it off and kept on going. Because when you find yourself suddenly battling the wind and trying to manage the hair flying about, there is nothing else to do than to hold the person next to you tight and enjoy every bit of that magically crazy day!


        Location: Gairloch, Wester Ross, Scotland

        Hi, I’m Anna, the person behind planning and capturing this gorgeous elopement and I still have couple dates available in 2021 & 2022. If you’d like me to help you plan adventurous elopement in the Scottish Highlands, I’m here to help. Feel free to reach out and tell me a bit more about you two and what you’d like your day to be like! Contact >>

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