Abbi and Jacob planned an intimate wedding with their closest people and family somewhere in Scotland. Initially they were torn between Glencoe and Loch Lomond and went exploring in springtime, and as it happens, they finally found their place on a random diversion in Trossachs.

        Both very keen hikers and nature lover, we had big plans of conquering nearby peaks of Loch Lomond & Trossachs park after the ceremony. But life happens and we had to adjust the plans slightly to accommodate for a very tiny person in Abbi’s growing belly and to take it easy :). Still, she was more than keen to walk around and even jump around, and I have to admit I was probably more tired by the end of the day than the pregnant bride!

        Woodland wedding ceremony in Loch Lomond

        The day started with a cheerful ceremony at a beautiful secluded spot at Loch Drunkie. The couple found the spot the day before and gave it a little clean up with their wedding party. Loch Drunkie and the whole Three Lochs Forest Drive where it’s located – the single paid road to take in Scotland, became a favourite spot for camping. But unfortunately not all the visitors leave no trace, so the wedding party collected a fair amount of rubbish.

        Abbi walked down the aisle with her step dad, jumping across the fallen tress and looking stunning in a wedding dress with colourful floral embroidery, Jacob already awaiting her, and was greeted by the Humanist Celebrant Gary Smith who was in charge of the ceremony. The couple has chosen to include their family and friends in the ceremony as much as possible, as we were finally allowed to meet and celebrate together.

        Boat trip on Loch Katrine

        After the ceremony the guests went to explore the lochside, skipping stones as we took some photographs. And finally the next part of the programme was a Loch Katrine boat trip – where afternoon tea & cake was served. A wonderful personal touch was a gift – in preparation for the wedding they picked acorns from the oak Jacob planted when he was a child and they grew little seedlings for all guests to take home and plant. I got one as well and it was the most wonderful gift, so thank you again Abbi & Jacob. <3

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