Autumnal Czech wedding in a 17th century black wooden church

        A tiny village in the Eagle Mountains of Czech Republic is a home to the unique black wooden church from 17th century which Eva & Fána, an architect and geographer have chosen as a place to get married at!

        The roads were lined with the red berries of rowan trees and the smell of autumn in the air as the summer was almost waving goodbye. The 300 years old church with adjacent building of rectory is not usually open to public nor it’s common to hold a wedding there, so there was a lot of hard work involved to move things around and prepare the rectory so the reception can be held there. Luckily, with a little help of their friends everything came together in the most amazing way.

        Autumnal wedding florals

        The most amazing bouquets for the bride and the mother of the bride were created by the talented Zvenkukvítí. The mix of gathered florals and branches with home grown dahlias in warm tones of burgundy and orange exceeded all the expectations. The floral decor at the venue was by amazing Michaela Šabatová of studio Dvě plus láska, who created bowls full of the most gorgeous florals in the same style, but without seeing the bouquets at all. Some magic was in the air.

        The wedding ceremony at the wooden church

        Walked down the aisle by her dad and bridesmaids in muted autumnal coloured dresses, Eva wore a stunning gown. The ceremony was religious but suited to capture the beliefs of both newlyweds. They included one Bible reading and then a beautiful text “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan. Everything was made perfect with a music by a jazz trio led by bride’s brother and sunflower seeds fell on their heads as they walked out of the church to please all the birds (and mice) in the area.

        Open air reception

        Fortunately the weather was good, so the whole of the reception was able to take place outdoors. Two long rows of tables were set in front of the rectory, the retro beer van Bulli parked in the corner of the garden, having several different kinds of beer on draught. The main course were Swedish meatballs – obviously, because the newlyweds live in Sweeden and love meatballs more than any traditional Czech food. Václav Čajánek was in charge of the catering side of the wedding and the food was just amazing!

        The rest of the afternoon we just celebrated and danced – first dance being this Swedish song and in the end everybody sat down at the fire with guitars.

        Covid wedding

        With the restrictions tightening across the world, we were lucky that the rate of infection was still pretty low at the time and Czech Republic didn’t have as tight restrictions on gatherings as other countries. Having the most of the event outdoors definitely helped as well. Everything came together so well and most importantly – everybody stayed healthy.

        Czech Wedding in Black Wooden Church

        Wedding Photographer: Ceranna Photography | Drone Photos: Michal Tatar & Petr Čížek | Floral Bouquets: Zvenkukvítí | Floral Decor & : Michaela Šabatová – Dvě plus láska | Retro beer van with beer: Bulli | Catering: Václav Čajánek | Makeup & Hair: Salón krásy Mona, Žamberk

        Czech autumnal wedding in Eagle Mountains by Alternative European Wedding Photographer Ceranna Photography.


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