Scottish Castle Wedding

        Today I have the pleasure to share a this Scottish Castle Wedding story. Gorgeous international wedding with the beautiful backdrop of Culcreuch Castle. Please note this Stirlingshire wedding venue is now closed for reconstruction. A 13th-century castle located near Fintry in the heart of Scottish countryside. With Iranian bride and Scottish groom living in Norway… It was an eclectic mix of traditions from all over the world. The decor and flowers were just gorgeous combining Scottish thistle in flower centrepieces and rustic birch wooden blocks with loads of fairy lights and candles and Iranian sweets and most of the decor DIYed! Would you believe that all the table decor was handmade by the bride herself? It included the chopped wood table pieces and rustic glass jars for candles.

        Persian Wedding Traditions

        The ceremony included some of the ancient Persian traditions which included Sofreh Aghd (Table of Wedding) laid out in front of the bride and groom – a lavish arrangement of symbolic items such as a mirror, candlesticks, a bowl of crystallised sugar, gold leaves, fruit, flowers, book of significance to the couple (this time one of the great Persian poets) and more (if you’d like to read in detail, you can do so here). Symbols representing eternity, future, prosperity and happiness for the couple. For the duration of the ceremony, the bridesmaids held a white canopy above their heads while taking the turn in rubbing sugar cones together above the canopy, to “shower the couple in sweetness”. It was not this case but in Persia, it could take some 3-7 days to celebrate the wedding! Whole ceremony was fun and lively and very laid back.

        Scottish Castle Wedding Photography: Ceranna Photography  | Venue: Culcreuch Castle

        Please note: As of January 2020 Culcreuch Castle is CLOSED for restoration. No more  weddings are being held at this venue. Here’s a list of alternative Scottish Wedding Venues to help you with your planning.


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