Edinburgh Surprise Proposal Photography

        I am very excited to share one of the highlights of 2017 – emotional surprise proposal in Dr Neil’s Garden, Edinburgh.

        The Story Behind the Proposal

        Iain approached me with an idea to capture the moment he proposes to his girlfriend Kelsey on their Christmas weekend getaway in Edinburgh. By the way Kelsey loves Christmas! He suggested an intimate setting of Dr. Neil’s Garden on the banks of Duddingston Loch. We decided to met up at the location a week ahead and have a little look around. We selected the best spot with the view of the Loch and Pentlands and arranged all the details.


        On the Day

        Iain ordered a gorgeous rose bouquet in Garlands which I picked up on the way to the garden and decorated the room in the Thomson’s Tower he had booked for the afternoon. Candles, rose petals, fairy lights – the proper romantic! I got everything ready for them to arrive.

        At the time they were having “the worst sushi of my life”, with Iain getting more and more nervous and unable to eat while acting all natural and excited for a sunset walk in the park :)).

        A text from Iain – they’re on the way. Then it was just a nerve wracking 10 minutes of waiting at our agreed spot. I took along a tripod and sports jacket, so I could just act like a birdwatcher or nature photographer. With one camera set on tripod and the other on my quick access harness ready at my hip. I was shivering with excitement as I saw them approaching!


        She said YES!

        Kelsey noticed me, but reflecting back, my “disguise” worked and she thought to herself “Ohhh a bird watcher, how cute!”. Then they stopped on our agreed spot. Iain did so well, waited for couple moments so I can get ready and… got on one knee. And it all worked out amazingly! Kelsey had no idea until the last moment and got real emotional. She didn’t even notice I was taking photos of them and even after a while she though it’s just a lucky coincidence. Until Iain told her it’s been all arranged. 🙂

        And just when she thought the surprises are over for today…

        The next emotional wave came when they entered the Tower. Decorated with the bouquet of red roses, Christmas scented Yankee candles and fairy lights. I have to say the Proseco was much-needed to celebrate and calm the nerves. I had a little sip as well – always feel so proud to be the first person to cheer with the newly engaged couple! 🙂 After a moment to themselves we headed out to take couple quick engagement photos in the park just before the sunset.

        EDIT: Hey, It’s 2020 now and here’s their gorgeous autumnal wedding at Elsick House

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        Edinburgh Surprise Proposal

        Edinburgh Engagement Photoshoot by Ceranna Photography.

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