Scottish Highlands Engagement

        When we found ourselves trying to schedule time for Libby & Shea’s engagement photoshoot we really struggled! There wasn’t one weekend we’d all be in Edinburgh. But then we got an idea – what about meeting up in the Highlands? We all happened to be in Aberdeenshire one weekend so we decided to hike the Millstone Hill near the famed Bennachie. Although he hills in the area are much smaller than the hills of Cairngorms National Park which spreads to the west, they’re no less beautiful. We walked up through the conifer plantations and birch woods to heather covered hill-top with amazing views down to the countryside and fields of Aberdeenshire and all the way to the shores of the North Sea. Scottish Highlands Engagement

        It was wonderful day spent adventuring and having fun trying out all the different poses. Swing dancing on the mountain top and piggy backing in the heather. Getting relaxed in front of the camera and some deep talks about what’s it like being engaged and getting married soon. And of course: sharing stories from our travel adventures. Now I can’t wait for the wedding!

        Photographer: Ceranna Photography | Follow me on Instagram

        Ceranna Photography is Scotland based elopement and adventure wedding photographer. Get in touch to book your adventure photography session! 


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