Adventure Elopement in Scotland

        I can be your photographer & guide while you can focus on what truly matters!

        I can help you with anything from choosing a non-touristy location, recommending celebrant or florist to booking accommodation or driving you around. I am up for anything while capturing the day for you in the mood which captures who you truly are and the adventures and joy you have together.

        Rugged mountains, gleaming lochs, old Scottish pines, vast landscapes, dewy grass in all hues of green and sometimes 4 seasons in one day. Rough winds & cold rain but also beautiful rainbows & sun peaking through the clouds. Scotland…

        Scottish Adventure Elopement

        It’s your wedding – do it your way!

        You don’t have to wear white dress or suit, you don’t have to walk on high heels or in shiny new shoes. You can do whatever you want and whatever feels like the right celebration of you two.. Let’s leave all the preconceptions of what a wedding should be and create the day you want to live over and over.

        Some people really like big weddings and some people just don’t. That’s it. If you’re bit like me, you’re dreading all the big planning and potential family drama and want to make your day a honest celebration of you two and what’s between the two of you.

        And maybe you’re bit adventurous… 

        Adventurous elopement is perfect way to do this then? Doing stuff you love or wanted to do for a long time. Hike up a mountain, walk into secluded location, kayak to a deserted island in the middle of a loch. All is possible… In Scotland you can get legally married anywhere in the wild!

        I am here to help: from the planning and location ideas and supplier recommendations to capturing it all. I am happy to witness for you, recommend the best hikes in the are or where to get the best fish&chips, whatever you’d need. :))

        Learn more about me, and what adventures I’ve felt the most alive at!

        What to pack for Adventure Elopement in Scotland - Boots and whisky | elope to Scotland

        How to elope to Scotland?

        Where to elope in Scotland?

        In Scotland you can get married anywhere – but you need to give a proper official notice first – no later than 29 days before the wedding! So start off by having a think about what location you’re most drawn to and discuss the ideas with your photographer and find a local celebrant in the area. See some of my location recommendations below.

        When to elope to Scotland?

        Scotland is beautiful no matter what the season. My personal favourite is spring and autumn. As you avoid the crowds of main touristic season and notoriously known swarms of midges.

        Finding celebrant in Scotland

        Next step after you settle on a date and location is finding your celebrant who’ll be able to help you with all the paperwork needed to make this official. There is an alternative to the usual religious and civil ceremony in having Humanist celebrant – Humanist Society Scotland has a long list of registered celebrants.

        Scottish Elopement Paperwork

        This is an overview only – liaise with your celebrant to get the most up to date info!

        First of all you need submit your marriage notice forms to the registrars of the district you’re getting married in up to 3 months but no less than 29 days before the wedding, you also need to pay any applicable fee. Find out what exactly you need to do in National Registers Scotland information leaflet. If you’re not UK resident you’ll also need to apply for your marriage visitor visa.

        Next you will need two witnesses to be present at the ceremony and submit their details beforehand as well. I am happy to jump in and witness for you if needed – it’d be my honour!

        The registrar will prepare your marriage schedule which you might need to pick up in person and give to your officiant. After the elopement you’ll have 3 days to submit your wedding schedule back to registrars to make it all legal and official – so don’t leave for the honeymoon before you do that.

        What is adventure elopement?

        Elopement is a small intimate wedding. Adventure elopement involves hiking or any adventurous undertaking so it’s just you and the beautiful landscape around you.

        What to pack for adventure elopement to Scotland?

        What to pack for adventure elopement?

        If you’re going to a remote place for your elopement I highly recommend taking along these things. Best packed into a comfortable hiking backpack. TIP: Make sure to clearly communicate expectations, abilities and experience of everyone involved so you’re all on the same page in terms of what you’re going for. Take time to familiarise yourself with the route you’re going to take.

        • water & snacks
        • flask with hot tea
        • head torch
        • comfortable & well broken in footwear
        • warm layers to layer up & gloves
        • thermals to tuck under your dress/suit
        • shawl or blanket to sit on or wrap into easily
        • waterproof jacket
        • any personal medications
        • celebratory drink of your choice & of course don’t forget plenty of tissues, wedding rings, bouquet safely attached to the top of your backpack, any legal documents needed and your vows

        I usually have with me some spare items from this list as well as a first aid kit, map, fully charged phone with back up battery and thermal blankets. Scottish wilderness can be rough so it’s good to be prepared and safe.

        anna portrait

        It’s your Adventure! I’ll help you capture it.

        I love to help creating unforgettable experiences for my couples. No drama, just the most beautiful landscapes around you where you can fully be yourself and confess your love to each other.

        I am there as a photographer and guide, a third wheel to quietly capture whatever is happening. I offer a bit direction for shots whenever needed but often step back to let you fully immerse in the moment.

        The best photos happen when you’re in the moment, focusing on the feels and I just snap away without you even noticing.

        After all, life is not about cheesy poses, life is about the feelings which send you shivers down the spine and I want to capture the essence of these.

        I am introvert and cat lover and my biggest joy is adventuring – last year me and my boyfriend walked the Pyrenean Haute Route – 500 miles long distance trek in South Europe. Get to know more about me>>

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