Dean’s Village Edinburgh Couple Photoshoot

        So excited to share photos from this Edinburgh Couple Photoshoot. An afternoon spent wandering through the Edinburgh’s hip neighbourhood of Stockbridge and historical Deans Village with Fiza & Kieran. Two Australians on their trip through Europe. Although married for couple years now, they spark like they just met. Their love for each other and joy is almost contagious! It was such an inspiring afternoon with Fiza’s adventurous solo travel stories. Btw. I love that I get to meet so many adventurous and likeminded people through the online world. They just googled Edinburgh photographer and sent me a message. That’s it…  easy like this. Also, they love cats! I wish I could have a cat in Edinburgh! Also I wish they weren’t from the other side of the world and we could hang out in Edinburgh more often!

        Get in touch if you’d like a session like this or just to tell me all about your cats! Bonus points if you bring your cat along to a photoshoot. You might even get a free photoshoot if you own a siamese blue eyed cat pls. Alternatively make sure to check out more of my recent work in blog. Btw. Sometimes I like dogs too, but only if they act like cats a bit.

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        Aaaand btw. these sweethearts left an absolute sweetheartest review – check it out in my Testimonials section.

        Dean Village Edinburgh Couple Photoshoot by Ceranna Photography

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