Covid-19 Update & Virtual Hug

        Today I want to write about love.
        My love for all my couples.
        Love for the healthcare workers.
        And love for everyone who’s social distancing and feels lonely and isolated…

        I feel with everyone whose dreams and plans had to be put on hold in these crazy unexpected times. Which is basically everyone as I write it now.

        Last week I’ve been in touch with my wonderful couples to start trying to figure out their plans and find new dates for their spring and early summer weddings and elopements as the situation got more and more serious every day. I was flooded with so many encouraging words, understanding and general amazingness, which made me just so grateful for all the people who were drawn to my work and have chosen to work with me. ❤️

        Even though this is such a terrible situation for everyone, I am hopeful we can all go through this, connect with our local communities and loved ones, help where help is needed and in the time we’ve got on your hands maybe rethink our usual lifestyles and also learn and grow. If you feel like you’re not doing enough… Don’t forget you can help massively by properly social distancing and self isolating. By simply staying at home. I know how difficult this may be for people who love adventures as much as I do, but there is no other way out of this and we need to pull together!

        My thoughts are with anyone suffering through this crisis as the jobs are lost and people are left out with not much savings and vulnerable to the illness; and with all the amazing people in the healthcare who are on the frontline of it all. ❤️

        Covid-19 Update for my 2020 Couples

        So far I’ve been in touch with all my spring & early summer couples, who are at the moment directly impacted by the current developments. But if you’ve got a wedding, elopement or session planned for later this year and would like to open a conversation give me a shout and we’ll start figuring this out! Btw. I’ve updated and loosened my rescheduling policy so we’ve got these unpredictable times covered. And we’ll have all the flexibility needed to reschedule if needed and make this work. We’re all in this together. ❤️

        Here are some helpful resources from my favourite wedding blogs:

        Wedding Planning during Covid-19 by Junebug Weddings (US)
        Step by step guide on how to postpone a wedding by Rock My Wedding (UK)
        Plenty of resources and experiences over at Love My Dress (UK)

        Photographers & Small Business Owners – let’s connect!

        I also want to reach out to all the fellow photographers and small business owners who are struggling – do get in touch, let’s chat and share experience and knowledge to learn and improve – I’d love to share my knowledge and/or meet up for online coffee! I’d love to share all I learned about SEO and website design in the past couple months.

        Btw. There’s a great list of things to do during quarantine by Flo Themes!

        Over on my Instagram I will be sharing more of the landscapes I love so much and of the adventures past to look forward to all the new ones soon – feel free to join me and share what your most amazing adventures so far were and what you’ve got planned for the future! ✨🤞

        🏠 Stay safe and stay home. 🏠


        Ceranna Photography is Scotland Elopement Photographer and Fine Art Wedding Photographer based between Edinburgh and Glasgow. With natural and authentic style and passion for adventures. 

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        Lovely and positive blog. Thanks for sharing Anna.

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