SEO for Photographers & Creatives

        Gorgeous website is not enough, you need it to be found by your dream clients! SEO is a magical word you start to encounter sooner or later when working on your Photography website. I started to explore it in depth couple years ago and ever since my first optimisations now 75% of my clients finds me through Google. Now I can help you to improve your search engine optimisation as well!

        How to get found by dream clients on Google?


        What’s SEO?

        SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and it’s a wide range of elements contributing to improving your website’s position on Google for relevant terms. It consists of a technical side and content creation. With the ever changing algorithms having your website optimised for the best performance is essential for your business to be found online. SEO is not as easy as a paid advertisement but I am pretty confident the investment of time and energy into optimising your website is really worth it in the long run.

        What’s Search Engine Optimisation for Photographers good for?

        When was the last time you searched for something on Google? The chances are: pretty recently – at some point today. Most probably you clicked the first or second link which replied your search the best and didn’t worry much about the rest. That’s why it’s so essential to optimise your Photography website for search, as having a wonderful website and product is simply not enough anymore. Your ideal clients are searching for you and most probably can’t find you! Let’s change it!

        Once I started to dive deep into SEO and optimised my website for search, in couple months things started to change and now more than 75% of my clients find me simply through Google. No money spent on those expensive ads anymore as my clients find me organically!

        Recently I started to share my knowledge with small businesses and creatives to help them be found on Google as well and I just love helping those businesses to shine and attract their amazing clients!

        SEO for photographers – advice

        How to improve SEO of my photography website?

        There are couple things you can do to help your SEO game which will take just couple minutes of your time. But on the same note you can hurt your position if you’re unsure about some specific tasks. The best is then to consult your strategy with a SEO consultant.

        The 5 most common mistakes Photographers do in SEO.

        1. The website is well designed but it’s not obvious what location you serve and which service you provide.
        2. The web is not optimised for mobile and responsive.
        3. Slowly loading website because of a high number of high resolution images hurting your SEO.
        4. Some important elements of the user experience are not working properly – eg. the contact form.
        5. Web is difficult to navigate in and not user focused.

        It’s possible you are struggling with some or all of these points, but worry not, it might take a bit of effort and yu might have to rethink some things but we can fix them all!

        7 easy steps to improve your photography website SEO today

        1. Add your website to Google My Business. It doesn’t matter if you serve your customers in a studio on actual physical address or if you are a destination wedding photographer. Google Business is the first step for you to be found. Fill in your profile and activate it (you’ll need your physical address for that).
        2. Get some reviews for your Google My Business – ask your clients to share their experience and rate you on Google.
        3. Start using Google Search Console. With this great tool you’ll start getting idea how are your clients finding you on Google – if at all. It’s free!
        4. Make sure you state the most important info on your main page – eg. the location(s) you serve and services you provide. It’s overall the biggest mistake Photographers do on their websites not being clear about the areas they serve – their websites might be really well designed but oftentimes they lack important text elements and Google would struggle to make sense of it.
        5. Link to your website from your social media accounts and in local directories. Always share the link only on trustworthy websites. You don’t want any weird websites linking to your site as that could be damaging. The amount and quality of backlinks is one of the important factors for Google to rate the authority of your website.
        6. Doublecheck wherever for the client it’s easy to get in touch with you and your contact form is working. (Try different web browsers and mobile as well, Private or Incognito Window is helpful for this.) It’s a thing which might seem to not have much in common with SEO but user friendliness is important!
        7. Quality content – this might take a bit more time, but it’s worth it! Give your clients useful content and help to solve their problems and you’ll gain their trust!

        If you can safely check all the points the chances are you are in need of something more advanced and technical. You could use a consulation or regular mentoring with SEO professional focused on the area of your expertise.

        SEO for Photographers Mentoring & Collaboration

        I love working with creative brands who are in line with sustainability ethos. I’ve helped a wide range of clients over the years but creative and travel industries I know the best. From SEO for wedding photographers, interior designers, local businesses and tattoo studios to dress designers and other creatives. I am so excited to see the new business shine and find their way to new clients!

        Do you need help with SEO?

        I’m happy to do SEO mentoring sessions for Wedding Photographers and other creatives. I’ll help you with a wide range of SEO related issues from Technical SEO, content strategy planning, keyword analysis and website performance analysis, backlink creation, internal structure, redirection and website migration to any more specific issues and can answer any SEO-related questions you may have.

        The technologies I work with the most often are WordPress and Flo Themes as well as Elementor, Astra and other templates. I also work with Squarespace. I can help you move your website from Wix to something more customisable once you outgrow the platform as well.


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