TO MENU

        This is a story of two girls in a little white VW Polo. Driving for hours in the land of lambs, waterfalls and yellow bushes who fill the air with magical coconut scent. Getting lost on the country roads in the middle of nowhere and bursting out laughter and laughing so hard that you start to cry and it’s like haven’t laughed properly in ages. Running barefoot in freezing cold of Scottish spring. Waiting for the endless sunset on the cliffs and drinking wine on the folded seats in the car where they slept. Walking into the dark in quest to find a bothy on the cliffs and drinking whisky with strangers.

        It’s a story of those friends you may meet just once a year. But it feels like you’ve never said goodbye. Those also might be the best travel companions. This is a story about what happens when you just jump into a car and drive and it’s the only thing you want to do in the whole wide world at that moment. We took some photos along the way, hope you’ll enjoy!