My first year in Edinburgh taught me a thing or two about the importance of vitamin D and sunshine in general on your wellbeing. Maybe the winter of 2015/16 was particularly harsh or I was extremely sensitive to the combination of rain and strong cold wind because I found myself to be ill non-stop.

This year I maybe somehow magically got used our northern weather, so it wasn’t sick at all, but I felt quite deprived of sunlight in general anyway. I love the sunshine (when it’s not too hot) – let’s say the autumnal weather is ideal for me and my favourite and I also quite like spring as that’s when I fell I am most active of the whole year!

So to boost our vitamin D levels mid-winter we decided to jump on a plane and enjoy some winter sun in Africa this January. We went to Morocco for a week and it was all pure magic.  We haven’t plan much ahead apart from booking some nice riads (gorgeously decorated small hotels) And although locals wore winter jackets, we could easily go out in shorts (if we packed any).

It’s such a perfect winter destination or getaway to take some photos so I’m quite tempted to repeat the trip next winter again and maybe explore more some of the beautiful nature Morocco has to offer or rural areas. As this time we went only to Marrakech and then crossed the magnificent Atlas Mountains for few days on the outskirts of Sahara Desert and met some amazing local people there and of course drank countless cups of mint tea with them.

In Marrakech, we enjoyed all the great food, fresh avocado and orange smoothies and especially their amazing tagine with couscous. Some of our favourite places were Kif-Kif Café and Museum of Photography with their amazing roof terrace and fresh smooth yoghurt with strawberries. We stayed in Riad Amra and I can’t remember the name of the best-avocado-smoothie place nearby we were to maybe every day.

Anybody planning elopement or destination wedding in Marrakech? I’m in!


Long way over Atlas Mountains


Ait Ben Haddou (Unesco & Game of Thrones)


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